ECS-800 Eddy Current System Sorting Machine

 ★  User Interface     ★   Eddy Current Probe

Distinguish mixed materials, heat treatment hardness
★ Can be integrated with sorting machine
★ With optical sorting machine can reach 0 ppm
★ Available for 1~8 cameras
★ Inspection Range : Ø3mm~Ø25mm 
★ Sorting Speed : max.500pcs/min  (sorting speed will influnce by feeder bowl speed)
★ Voltage : Single Phase 220V/60HZ
★ Air Pressure : 5~7Kg/c㎡
★ Suitable Products : Heat Treatment Hardness for Screws, Nuts, or other metal parts

Camera Q'ty 1~8 cameras
Machine Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1050 x 1100 x 1800
Machine Net Weight (KG) 430  (based on NGI-600)
 Machine dimensions & weight not include feeder, hopper or any other related equipments